Through our Organic Workspace® process, we work alongside our customers and project team members to deliver work environments that enhance the effectiveness of people and the efficiency of real estate.
Haworth Workplace Strategists lead the way, connecting workspace design with human behavior, organizational culture, performance, and the quality of the user experience. They leverage Haworth research to help customers create workplace solutions that support people to do their best work.

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Top Research University Strategy Story

Top Research University

Higher Education |  Goal: Culture and Workstyle Shift

To ensure their students, professors, and faculty have a world-class facility that supports important research discovery and innovation, this top-ranked North American university research library’s leadership knew that it needed to draw in an outside resource. While the university library team’s expertise lies in books, articles, media, technology, and, of course, research; they reached out to Haworth’s Workplace Strategy team to map the organizational culture and understand their workstyles. See the results from this unique engagement here.

Sandia Labs Strategy Story thumbnail

North American
Defense Contractor

Defense  |  Goal: Attract & Retain Top Talent

In a cutting-edge industry and vying for the best and brightest in their fields, this leading defense contractor turned to Haworth to create inspiring new workspaces throughout its campus. Learn more about how the process provided all the data necessary to help this organization design for effective collaboration and attracting and retaining the top talent.

Designing for Innovation | Haworth workplace strategy story

Innovative North
American Manufacturer

Product Development  |  Goal: Innovation and Collaboration

This major manufacturing company’s new office building and culture needed to spark innovation and enable working collaboratively to develop the best products possible. The Haworth Workplace Strategy team “connected the dots” to improve the way this company works and how the employees interact. Learn more about how the research, strategy, and design processes help align the company’s vision and space to facilitate innovation today—and in the future.

Designing for a Global Culture

Global Financial
Investment Firm

Finance  |  Goal:  Align Organizational Culture

After a new HQ space helped transform its workplace culture, this leading global investment firm wanted to replicate that positive shift throughout its many branch offices. See how Haworth helped them achieve this goal—and more—through data-backed design.

watlow strategy story thumbnail


Manufacturing  |  Goal:  Increase Collaboration

Recognizing people as one of their greatest assets, leaders at Watlow focused on finding ways to better connect teams and encourage collaboration as they worked during the renovation of the company's global headquarters.  See how they did it.

National Clothing Company Workplace Strategy Story

A National Clothing Retailer

Apparel  |  Goal:  Improve Organizational Culture

A national clothing retailer was renovating its 400,000 square-foot headquarters when the company quickly realized that it needed more than a physical space transformation. It also needed to foster a workplace culture conveying energy, creativity, and innovation.  Here's how Haworth helped a company with 3,500 employees embrace change.

Ash Brokerage Strategy Story

Ash Brokerage

Insurance  |  Goal:  Navigate Workplace Change Management

Tim Ash, CEO of Ash Brokerage, was passionate about bringing together the company’s 209 employees, their clients, and the community, with a new space that sparked innovation enhanced culture, and encouraged collaboration