Walking on Air: Building the Foundation for High-Performance Workspace

AIA Course #:HAW527; HSW
IDCEC Course #: CC-103324; HSW
USGBC Course #: 920001846
Subject Code: 5. Technical Knowledge / 3. Bldg. Construction & Materials

One Hour Course

Course Description: 

This presentation discusses the climate of overall cost reductions and improved occupant comfort demands. It proposes that Sustainable Construction along with an integrated design approach can meet these challenges and demands at a competitive cost. This presentation introduces the concept of underfloor air as part of this solution as part of the collaborative design process.

Course Objectives:

◦ Understand the concept of underfloor air distribution and why it is a viable alternative to overheard systems.
◦ Learn how UFAD impacts LEED applications and improves indoor Air Quality.
◦ Understand how each office can have individual user control for improved comfort and productivity.
◦ Understand the importance of a collaborative design approach.

Content Outline:

1. Introduction:
◦ Sustainable Design Concept
◦ Goal of Collaborative Design Strategies
2. Environmental Impact of Construction
3. The Construction Industry – What is holding us back?
4. What is LEED® Points, Products?
◦ Integrated Design and Starting Early
◦ Cost – Perceived vs. Real, Green Building Premium
◦ Life Cycle Costing
5. Detailed Presentation:
◦ UnderfloorDistribution – differences
◦ Indoor Air Quality
◦ Types of access floors
◦ Case Studies
6. Modular Technology Solutions.
7. Portfolio Examples.
8. Summary and Conclusion.