Active Components

Designed By Haworth Design Studio

Active Components is a set of personal product solutions designed to work within Haworth's Integrated Palette™, while coordinating beautifully with Intuity, Reside®, Compose®, Planes® tables. 

Why Active Components?

Open and light in scale, Active Components expands design range and functionality through scalability to complement both existing and new applications.

The shapes, configurations, textures, and mix of materials that comprise Active Components create a comfortable, cozy workspace that evokes a residential atmosphere.

Designed specifically to fit into smaller workstations, Active Components maximizes space and adapts to people's workstyle needs.

Upper Storage

Active Components includes a variety of upper storage products that allow users to store and organize materials and objects.



Nooks are mounted on stanchions to raise storage above the worksurface on Intuity and Reside. These stanchions can include USB power and allow access to the Intuity power hatch. A variety of heights and widths are available. Nooks can be one-sided or two-sided to allow access from both sides.


Personal Divider with Drawer

The Personal Divider with Drawer is placed on the worksurface and still allows access to the Intuity hatch and rear wire channels. It serves as a privacy divider and includes slots to hang Belong work tools. A slide-out drawer provides a closed storage solution and optional USB and 110v power is available to charge mobile devices.

Lower Storage

Lower storage can attach to Intuity, Reside, Compose, and Planes tables, depending on the application.


Suspended Pedestal

The 9” wide Suspended Pedestal provides drawer and shelf storage within a compact footprint. The upper section includes a box drawer while the lower section can include a drawer or be open. 


Security Drawer

This drawer can be mounted under nearly any worksurface. It provides a lockable space for valuables and includes optional USB power to plug in and charge mobile devices.


Suspended Ender

The Ender can be used at the end of two back-to-back Intuity or Reside worksurfaces. It features drawers on either side and the center section that is perfect for shared materials. 


Active Components includes accessories such as drawer liners, dividers, and a personal storage hook. Belong tools can hang from slots to allow for a wide range of personalization.

Liners and Drawer Accessories
Make organization easy within drawers with dividers and liners that keep tools and personal items in place.

Personal Storage Hook
Hang a bag or purse from the hook for easy access throughout the day.



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