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Sophisticated. Redefined. Integrated.

Patterns is a conscious break from standard office solutions. It offers sophisticated design, a wide variety of material options, and an anodized aluminum inlay, all of which bring refinement to the workspace.

Patterns Desking System - Haworth

Sophisticated Design

  • Broad material options

  • Anodized aluminum inlay

  • Creates unique interiors

  • Creates unique interiors and eliminates the sea of sameness

Patterns Desking Blue Fabric - Haworth

Patterns Desking Systems - Green - Haworth

Redefines the Floorplate

  • Brings a visual logic to the workspace

  • Simultaneously smooths the transition from private offices to open plan

  • Develops strong visual relationships and striking spatial compositions throughout an interior

Integrates With Surroundings

  • Patterns integrates with the surrounding interior landscape, easing the visual gap

  • Intelligent integration through shared design, technology, research, and material strategy

  • Designed to compliment Haworth's Compose system, Enclose walls, and Planes tables

Patterns Desking Surrounding Interior Landscape - Haworth