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Enclose Frameless Glass

Simply Beautiful. Clearly Inspired.

Made of frameless glass, these award-winning demountable walls provide a storefront option that can integrate perfectly with the rest of the Enclose system or stand on its own. A 10-year warranty promises years of solid performance, and highly recyclable materials make them a responsible choice. 

Simply Beautiful.

The simple, sophisticated design of Enclose Frameless Glass elevates your environment quickly and easily. With the lowest base profile in the industry and refined details like butt-jointed glass and polished aluminum corners, the design is clean and uncomplicated from top to bottom.

 Effortless Combinations. Flexible Applications.

A choice of sliding, pivot, or butt-hinge doors gives you the versatility to meet any space or aesthetic need. And the frameless glass system touches the building lightly, using mechanical fasteners only at the slab to save you time and money every time you install or move a wall.

Clearly Inspired.

With Enclose Frameless Glass, the possibilities for storefront designs are truly unlimited. Create endless runs of frameless glass using straight lines, variable-angle corners, or even organic shapes with faceted curves. Stop and start the glass exactly where you want, integrating with standard Enclose walls or seamlessly transitioning to conventional construction.