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Poised to Move.

Tilt is a height-adjustable stool that provides mobility and motion for alternative seated postures. It lets you stay active, engaged, and ready for daily interactions.


Act. Interact.

Advanced technology and an increased need for collaboration are driving new behaviors at work.  Tilt lets you stay in motion, prepared to interact.
Tilt Home Office

Design that Fits.

Tilt’s minimalist form and clever design complement—rather than dominate—a space. Its seat comes in black with a palette of four base trim colors—Black, Grey, White, and Orange—that coordinate with your space.

Balance Yourself.

Tilt moves with you. Adjust from standing height to a low stool, and remain active throughout the day. Change postures easily by leaning forward or back, side to side. Balance yourself—and your work—with Tilt.
Tilt Collaborative Space

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