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Design Your Own Harbor Work Lounge

  • Seat Options

    Tablet: IncludedTablet: No Tablet

    Fabric Color

    CampFabric Color: CampFabric Type
    SilverbushFabric Color: SilverbushFabric Type
    KokaneeFabric Color: KokaneeFabric Type
    AnquillaFabric Color: AnquillaFabric Type
    SandFabric Color: SandFabric Type
    GoldfishFabric Color: GoldfishFabric Type
    Editor BlueFabric Color: Editor BlueFabric Type
    DandelionFabric Color: DandelionFabric Type
    Nettle BellflowerFabric Color: Nettle BellflowerFabric Type
    Silver DollarFabric Color: Silver DollarFabric Type
    Pickeral WeedFabric Color: Pickeral WeedFabric Type
    BottlegrassFabric Color: BottlegrassFabric Type
    TreeFabric Color: TreeFabric Type
    Soft CharcoalFabric Color: Soft CharcoalFabric Type
    HeartFabric Color: HeartFabric Type
    WheatenFabric Color: WheatenFabric Type

    Leather Color

    WhiteLeather Color: WhiteFabric Type
    CreamLeather Color: CreamFabric Type
    SaddleLeather Color: SaddleFabric Type
    ChocolateLeather Color: ChocolateFabric Type
    InkLeather Color: InkFabric Type

    Wing Color

    CitrusWing Color: Citrus
    Fresh GreenWing Color: Fresh Green
    Bird's Egg Wing Color: Bird's Egg
    CornwallWing Color: Cornwall
    MarinaraWing Color: Marinara
    Oxford GrayWing Color: Oxford Gray
    CarbonWing Color: Carbon
    PachydermWing Color: Pachyderm
    FawnWing Color: Fawn
    Light GreyWing Color: Light Grey
    FlagstoneWing Color: Flagstone
    ArcticWing Color: Arctic

    Base Color

    BlackBase Color: Black
    Accent OrangeBase Color: Accent Orange
    Smooth PlasterBase Color: Smooth Plaster
    Polished Alluminum Base Color: Polished Alluminum

    Base Style

    Wood Color

    Clear on WalnutWood Color: Clear on Walnut
    Clear on Rift Cut OakWood Color: Clear on Rift Cut Oak
    Ottoman: Not IncludedOttoman: Included

Your Configuration

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