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Lively Side

Love My Chair

Lively Side Chair brings advanced features and light-scale aesthetic to the people responsible for getting work done. 

Lively Side Chair Red - Haworth
Lively Side Chair in Library - Haworth
Lively Side Chair Yellow - Haworth

The Perfect Blend

Lively possesses the perfect blend of comfort enhancing ergonomic features, performance-tuned quality, and contemporary design. It's affordable without compromise, and it thrives in the thick of the action. 


Worry-Free Quality

Built to handle the daily grind, year after year after year, Lively is manufactured to the highest standards, our own. After all, that’s the Haworth name stamped on the frame. Go ahead and compare. Lively’s in a class of its own.


Lively Side Chairs in Circle - Haworth

Lively Side Chairs Lined Up - Haworth