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Winning Team Presentations

IDCEC Course #: 100842
Subject Code: 8. Business & Professional Practice / 9. Written/Presentation Skills

Two Hour Course

Course Description:

Winning Team Presentations helps Architect and Design firms organize, prepare, and deploy exceptional team performance when vying/interviewing for new business. This session provides a proven structure that helps identify the roles and responsibilities of each team member, outlines a timeline and accountability in developing the content of the presentation, follows the 5C recipe for developing clear and concise presentations while focusing on client needs and the importance of providing a positive customer experience.

Course Objectives:

◦ Discuss and prepare presentations in a way that demonstrates an understanding of the customer.
◦ Provide necessary structure for organizing and deploying a team to meet the challenge of a new business interview.
◦ Provide valuable feedback and coaching throughout the session.
◦ Create and deliver an effective customer presentation/new business interview.

Content Outline:

1. Introduction and overview of the session.
2. Discuss what’s making it more difficult to win new clients?
     ◦ Small group exercise
3. Overview and explore elements influencing presentation:
     ◦ Customer
     ◦ Content
     ◦ Team members
4. Team exercise: prepare, practice and present.
     ◦ Identify ‘real’ customer and apply presentation structure to prepare content
     ◦ Team members practice presentation
     ◦ Team delivers presentation and is evaluated and coached
5. Conclusion | Question & Answer