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The Art and Elegance of Veneer

AIA Course #: HAW576
IDCEC Course #: CC-101060
Subject Code: 2. Interior Design / 4. Furniture Design and Materials

One Hour Course

Course Description:

Wood is a natural product that combines unique variations and characteristics. It is the variations that make each piece of wood furniture a ‘one-of-a-kind’ piece of art. This course explores the origin and history of the development of veneer as a commercial construction material, provides an understanding of veneer’s visual and structural characteristics, and examines the common challenges and pitfalls when using veneer as a material.

Course Objectives:

◦ Explore the development of veneer as a construction material.
◦ Discuss how the art of veneering has evolved and explore the value gained by today’s technologies.
◦ Identify the five characteristics of veneer and how they are used to create a unique aesthetic.
◦ Discuss challenges and benefits to bring enhanced value to your projects.

 Content Outline:
1. The development of veneer as a construction material:
     ◦ Origin of veneer
     ◦ Differences between lumber and veneer
2. How has veneering evolved and benefited from today’s technologies:
     ◦ Process of creating veneer
     ◦ Grain appearance options through processing
3. Using veneer’s characteristics to create a unique aesthetic:
     ◦ Analyze grain structure
     ◦ Texture
     ◦ Color
     ◦ Assorted visual attributes
     ◦ Figure
4. How is value brought to a project when using veneer?
     ◦ Industry grading and evaluation
     ◦ Visual appearance through lay up
     ◦ Reconstituted veneer
5. Challenges and awareness:
     ◦ Flip
     ◦ Striping
     ◦ Aging
     ◦ Lighting
6. Summary and conclusions:
     ◦ Consistency of aesthetic
     ◦ Craftsmanship
     ◦ Value of veneer as a material
     ◦ Celebration of a natural material
7. Conclusion | Question & Answer