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AIA Course #:HAW556 HSW/SD

Two Hour Course

Course Description:
Like many other industries, the profession of Architecture is facing new challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing world. Adapting to change, meeting those challenges and capturing the opportunities requires a new way of thinking. In this two hour session, attendees will explore the findings of Mindshift, a thought leadership group of multi-disciplined real estate individuals dedicated to holistic, collaborative and innovative thinking. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of these elements and their impact as the program takes an in-depth look at:

  • The conventional models and key fundamental strategies driving the current system. 
  • The need for more effective delivery methods and cost saving efficiencies.
  • The emerging technologies and approaches that challenge the status quo and positively impact business performance.

This course will cover the following objectives:

  • Provide an understanding of the waste and the characteristics of our current system and approach of  planning a new space.
  • Discuss the actions necessary in today’s marketing in order to reduce the waste with the current system. 
  • Share information on the role of Building Info Modeling (BIM), Lean Construction, and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).
  • Provide examples of the beneficial results others have experienced by adopting this new way of implementing a project.

Content Outline:
1. Examine the construction delivery models and behaviors that prevail in our industry today.
2. Identify new challenges and pressures within the current system and examine the drawbacks of  maintaining the status quo.
3. Introduce the function and discuss findings of Mindshift, winner of the Corenet Global Innovators award at the Vegas summit in October 2009.
4. Discuss new strategies and approaches that enable and leverage business opportunity and explore the impact on producing more effective delivery methods and cost saving efficiencies.
5. Q&A Discussion.