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Maintaining Biodiversity

AIA Course #: HAW571
IDCEC Course #: 100850

One Hour Course

Course Description:
When forests are perceived to have little or no economic value, local people companies, and even governments will destroy them and convert the land to other, more profitable uses. In today’s market that is striving for sustainability, this session will show how design and specification decisions must be revised to avoid unintended consequences. Experts will explain the current state of tropical forests and review sustainable forestry practices. Industry will explain their role in preserving forests from a market perspective. Specifically, how responsible purchasing intersects with conservation.

Course Objectives:
◦ Understanding the current state of the tropical forests globally
◦ Discuss opportunities to reverse the current trends
◦ Review the recommendations made by leading scientists and policy makers and actions already underway
◦ Explore opportunities to make an impact through design and specifications

Content Outline:
1. Introduction of the presenter and subject matter- Tropical Forests.
2. Conduct activity #1- a review of what are tropical forests and their current state versus the perception most have regarding the forests.
3. Explain the value associated with tropical forests.
4. Discuss with the group what choices we have to protect the forests.
5. Explain the mission and purpose of those involved in the preservation of the forests via the Tropical Forest Foundation.
6. Review the recommendations and practices of a sustainably managed forest.
7. Inspire the audience to learn more about the forests, the proper practices and the work that is needed to preserve the forests long term. 
8. Question and Answer