Etiquette for Business Effectiveness

AlACourse #: HAW566 HSW
lDCEC Course #: 101187
Subject Code: 8.2 Business & Professional Practice: Design Practice Management-Client Relations; and 8.5 Personal Development

Two Hour Course

Course Description:
Developing individual and team focused professional relationships are an integral part of doing business in the design industry. This session focuses on the wide scope of personal interactions required to maintain a professional relationship with a client or prospect. The emphasis is on 1) Beings a great host in the company of prospects/clients; 2) Guidelines for managing awkward moments and difficult questions; 3) Acknowledging guests, and maintaining positive on-going relationships.

Course Objectives:
• Demonstrate how to make a good impression through effective introductions.
• Master how to fluently answer difficult questions from potential clients.
• Learn how to perform as an effective host in client situations.
• Learn how to handle uncomfortable situations gracefully.

Content Outline:

1. lntroduction
a. The importance of a first impression
2. Effective introductions and handshakes:
a. The art of a proper introduction.
b. The elements of a good handshake.
3. Handling difficult questions:
a. Methods in responding to difficult questions from a client.
4. The concept of a host':
a. The responsibilities of a host.
b. Acceptable and taboo conversation topics with clients.
5. Handling uncomfortable situations gracefully:
a. Quizzing and guidance about handling awkward social situations.
6. Summary- giving toasts:
a. Tips on toasting.
b. Toast to close the program.
c. Put into practice.