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Best Practices for Business Etiquette


AlACourse #: HAW574
IDCEC Course #: CC-103045
Subject Code: 8. Business & Professional Practice/ 8. Oral Communication Skills

Course Description: 
Developing individual and team focused professional relationships are an integral part of doing business in the design industry. This session focuses on the wide scope of personal interactions required to maintain a professional relationship with a client or prospect. The emphasis is on 1) Beings a great host in the company of prospects/clients; 2) Guidelines for managing awkward moments and difficult questions; 3) Acknowledging guests, and maintaining positive on-going relationships.

Course Objectives:

  • Know how to make a good impression
  • Ability to address difficult questions from clients
  • Utilize proper technique for email, cell phones, texting, and thank you notes
  • Know how to deal with generational and cultural issues
  • Understand the guidelines for successful meetings and entertaining clients

Content Outline:

1. First Impressions:
      ◦ Introductions
      ◦ Dress Guidelines
2. Communications:
      ◦ Conversation Guidelines
      ◦ Tips on Effective Office Communication
      ◦ Email Etiquette
      ◦ Cell Phone Etiquette
      ◦ Written Etiquette
      ◦ Multigenerational Audience
3. Be Global, Act Local:
      ◦ Know the culture differences
      ◦ Monitor your actions
4. Being a Guest and Entertaining:
      ◦ Timeliness
      ◦ Roles as host
5. General Etiquette
6. Conclusion | Question & Answer