Adaptable. Durable. Sustainable.

Haworth's access floors are the foundation in which you can build great office spaces. Encourages productivity, adaptability, and provides unlimited creative opportunities. 

TecCrete Office

The Ideal Office Environment 

Haworth access floors are engineered for reliability,  safety, and installation ease. Gain all the benefits of access floor while having a solid and quiet foundation to walk on. 

TecCrete Power Detail

Delivering Power to the Desktop

The Haworth Powerbase AI modular electrical  system delivers seamless plug-and-play power from  the closet to the desktop. Used with raised access  flooring, Powerbase AI makes it easy to route and  re-route cables and utilities through the floor  instead of the ceiling. 

Underfloor Air

Improve air quality and temperature control by  conditioning a space from the floor, instead of the  ceiling. Adding Underfloor Air underneath an access  floor creates an ideal work environment, while   also reducing your operating expenses.

Raised Access Floors with Underfloor Air
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Concrete & Steel Composite Design - 1

    Solid rolling load support.
    Steel shear tabs cause the concrete and steel to behave as a single composite material, combining compressive strength and tensile strength for unmatched static and dynamic load performance.
    Industry’s only weldless steel pan ensures structural integrity throughout product lifecycle.

Reduced Airborne Contaminants - 2

    Structural concrete won't flake during installation.
    Limit dust in day-to-day operations.

Full Panel Thickness - 2

    Superior load-bearing support.
    Solid 1 1/8” or 1 1/2” thick throughout entire panel.
    Full panel thickness rests on understructure, eliminating structural vulnerability at panel edge and corner.
    Cut panels have full panel strength across the entire panel surface.

Pedestal Lock - 3

    Built-in pedestal-lock positions and holds panel in place during installation.
    Screws are not required to maintain system squareness.

Ground Path - 5

    Conductive path to ground designed into the TecCrete system for dependable static protection and electrical safety.
    The cornerlock screw connects the steel pan to the pedestal head and base -- creating a ground path.

TecCrete Superior Performance Features