Data Center Cooling Panels

The TecCrete system offers three cooling panel options to efficiently cool data centers.

25% Open Area Perforated Panel

The TecCrete perforated panels are are the best in the industry for data centers, equipment rooms and some industrial applications when creating a cold aisle to minimize overheating of servers. This durable steel panel will withstand a 1250 lb concentrated load and delivers 19% more air volume than competitive equivalent panels.

55% Open Area Air Grate Panel

The TecCrete 55% open air grate panel is a strong, light weight, cast aluminum construction that enhances the airflow and cooling in the data center. The TecCrete grates allow more air to enter the space at a lower pressure resulting in lower energy costs. TecCrete grates deliver more than twice as much air as the standard 25% open airflow panels.

Triad 56% Open Chamfer Airflow Panel

Haworth Triad Chamfer airflow panel is a heavy duty steel product designed to reduce the amount of energy required to cool a data center by as much as 40%. This cost reduction is achieved by the panel's unique design that sends cool air directly into data center cabinets, effectively reducing the equipment’s temperature by 10-20 degrees Fahrenheit even at the top of the rack.

Triad Chamfer panel is compatible with all access flooring systems, but cooling loss is minimized when it’s combined with the air sealed TecCrete flooring system.