workware™ View Mobile Easel

workware View Mobile Easel - Haworth

"The easel’s clean minimal design blends seamlessly with any environment. Its simple form helps keep users focused on the content being shared or presented."

workware Easel - Haworth

Think, see, do, connect.

Workware is a group of products that provides technology-enhanced collaborative spaces and helps users think, see, do and connect in a wide variety of work settings. The new workware view Mobile Easel provides for portable monitor placement that can include power access, digital wired switching, or wireless with wired backup.

Workware enables workers to share information & ideas quickly & easily in any work setting. The Mobile Easel provides four options for sharing: cable sharing, cable sharing with touch control, wireless sharing & wireless sharing with cable backup. 

workware Easel in Collaborative Area - Haworth
workware Easel Sizes - Haworth