Haworth Featured Furniture

Soji chair at Orgatec 2018


Design: Arne Dassen & Haworth Design Studio

Soji brings your body and mind into sync—so you can enjoy healthier levels of performance, no matter where you work. Soji is a highly-adjustable task chair with more ergonomic options than most in its class—without sacrificing comfort or design.

Designed for a wide range of people, spaces, and modes of work, Soji supports employees with effortless comfort and efficiently satisfies workplace strategies for better well-being.

Nia chair at Orgatec 2018


Design: brodbeck design & Haworth Design Studio.

Agile workers don’t want to spend time adjusting the task chair they only spend a few hours in. The ideal work environment for tomorrow’s knowledge worker provides support where it's needed and freedom where it’s wanted.

Designed to support activity during the workday, Nia offers the rich comfort of a lounge chair with the precise engineering of a performance task chair. Its slim design hides a smart mechanism that, extensive testing has shown, provides remarkable comfort however you sit in it.

Maari chair at Orgatec 2018


Design: Patricia Urquiola.

Designed to bring balance to the workplace, Maari offers a soft shape that creates aesthetic continuity, inviting warmth and comfort for short-term seating applications — from conference and training rooms to touchdown and ancillary spaces. Watch for the Maari family debuting in 2019.

Bowi chair at Orgatec 2018


Design: brodbeck design.

The need for space and flexibility is increasing. Bowi is a versatile seating solution for a range of environments, from conference rooms to cafeterias, from meeting spaces to project areas.

Simple aesthetics allow it to compliment most environments, with its intelligent mechanism allowing Bowi to be easily inclined and stored using minimal space. Whether in work or educational spaces Bowi is equipped for every kind of audience.

Drift screens at Orgatec 2018


Design: brodbeck design & Haworth Design Studio.

Drift screens were designed to meet the needs of an increasingly nomadic workforce, with workers who require a variety of focused and collaborative applications throughout their day.

Featuring a clean profile and offered in a variety of expressive colours, Drift adds a distinctly homely touch to traditional workplaces, with the added benefit of increasing noise absorption in an open plan office.

The Drift collection is designed to integrate seamlessly with all of Haworth’s existing desking and storage product lines and can be assembled and disassembled with ease.

Riverbend sofa at Orgatec 2018


Design: Fletcher Vaughan.

Riverbend lounge seating and ottoman are easily configured to let you create a range of settings that offer people choices for individual work and contemplation, face-to-face discussions, or collaborative sessions.

Scalability and a vast array of configurations provide flexibility for a wide range of environments and floorplate sizes.

Superpouf at Orgatec 2018


Design: Patricia Urquiola

Designed with soft lines, close attention to detail, and fine craftsmanship, SuperPouf brings warmth to the environment, offering approachable comfort and versatility for changing needs.

With four shapes and sizes—including a unique, extra large round pouf—SuperPoufs create enticing spaces where people can work, gather, or simply relax.

Use pieces alone as traditional side chairs and ottomans, or mix and match them in groups and with other Openest elements.

Intuity Park Bench at Orgatec 2018

Intuity Park Bench

Design: bang design

As a part of Intuity family, Park Bench inherits the tradition and design of Intuity platform. It helps establish new informal settings for individuals and teams to work effectively.

A communal, fresh looking setting with visual cues of informality and open space. Depending on the activity, Park Bench offers a playful range of worktools that suit unique requirements of individuals and teams.

Meanwhile, distinctive leg options (metal and wood) in a variety of colours compliment differing environments.