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    Uniting  Talent with Opportunity.

  • Careers

    Uniting  Talent with Opportunity.

  • Careers

    Uniting  Talent with Opportunity.

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We Create Great Spaces

Here, you’ll find a place that since its inception has revolved around inspiration, originality, advancement, and the people who drive it. With a unique global perspective; a culture of great design; a ground-breaking approach to space; and an admiration and appreciation of the members whose cleverness and resourcefulness propel us forward.

Ursula Burns
Jill Meredith
Noel De Leon
Katie Chapman

Haworth is About People

Haworth employs thousands of people all over the world. Together, we are changing the way products are designed, created and delivered to our customers across the globe. We draw on the diversity of wisdom and knowledge from all of our members, creating a distinct global perspective that fuels not only pioneering products, but also a healthy respect and sense of community.

Join the Haworth Family

As a member of the Haworth family, you’ll be building meaningful relationships and using your mind, gaining and expressing knowledge, as you develop your talents. Haworth members value both the tangible benefits -- like tuition assistance, scholarships and work flexibility, as well as the intangible -- such as the sense of community at each Haworth location.

Unique Opportunities for Veterans

Partnering with other well-known West Michigan companies, Haworth is participating in an innovative program that will provide military veterans with exposure to various career opportunities within our company. Known as “Veteran Explorer,” the program will specifically seek out unemployed or underemployed veterans from across West Michigan to take on career-building rotations at Haworth, in a selection of different disciplines. Each candidate will participate in three, 10-week job rotations beginning in July, working from 20-36 hours a week. Our rotations are in Engineering, Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing, Supply Chain, & Transportation. Please click the link to apply, applications are due May 18th. The rotations will start July 6th.