Kite Square

Designed by

Portable tables shouldn't have limitations. Agile working can still look stunning and sophisticated.

FEATURES:  Layouts
Your Kite Square table integrates with the standard Kite range allowing endless layouts so your space is used to its maximum capability and enhances the focus of the day.

FEATURES:  Fold & Nest 
Kite tables can be quickly and easily assembled by one person – no heavy lifting and no need for a trolley. Kite tables are easily folded, moved and nested allowing you to concentrate on the important stuff.

FEATURES:  Jewel Caster 
The only caster developed for an agile workplace.
Our precision engineered Jewel caster ensures that the table is as stable as fixed-frame furniture when locked. Jewel caster prevents the need for linking devices, ensures fluid transit and keeps the top of your footwear clean thanks to the locking pad.

Specs & downloads

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